G-Shock Toughest Watches – G-Shock MR-G Series Watches:

G-Shock MR-G (pronounced ‘Mister G’) is the ultimate premium G-Shock watch line. Made from extremely tough titanium with a scratch-resistant diamond-like carbon coating, sapphire crystal, and a lockable folding clasp. G-Shock MR-G G-shocks are not only super tough but they are also super lightweight for watches this complete and their size! Exuding majesty of their own, the G-Shock MR-G Watches comprise the most luxurious line of G-Shock that is tough, reliable, and appealing. Offering the highest degree of precision and intensity, these watches are tested for endurance and toughness to deliver the essence of G-Shock in every single piece. These luxury timepieces defy conventional timepieces and establish an entirely new concept of function and design, showcasing a powerful presence and dignified aesthetic.